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Struggling to feed these innocent children

It is almost about two months that basic necessities such as food items, medical items and petroleum items have been blocked in Nepal. Most of the peoples have been badly affected by this blockage. But the case of students is worst among all. These students are deprived of their daily meal, clothes, education, health etc. Thousands of children are not been able to go to their schools since schools are being closed down.
Food For Life Nepal requested few schools (where FFLN is conducting mid-day meal program) to not shut down school. Teachers are running schools with difficulty. And, Food For Life Nepal is feeding mid-day meal to 650+ innocent children in those schools. FFLN staffs cook hygienic food in firewood, transport to those schools by walking and carrying pots personally.
On 11th November while we were distributing meal to those student one student named ALOK came forward and told something. He said "Thank you uncle. I had not eaten anything for last two days." Tears were profusely falling from his eyes. Our volunteers also cried. He is just a sample and almost every child is facing similar problems. Their parents are not been able to fulfill basic necessities due to overall condition of nation. He thanked to our volunteers and donors who are feeding mid-day meal even in this hours of severe difficulties.


Food For Life Nepal Constructing Temporary Shelters

Food for Life Nepal aims to provide relief to the earthquake victims in Nepal as much as possible. It is because of the mercy of our generous donors that Food for Life strives to offer basic needs to the earthquake victims. Our resources are limited, however we try our best to serve humanity from our capacity. It is monsoon season in Nepal. Weather is unpredictable as it gets windy, rainy, including heavy storms and hailstorms at any time. People living in the tents are much affected by such weather conditions. At this difficult situation, Food for Life Nepal in association with Lumanti Support Group for shelter has started to build temporary shelters to the homeless people in Bhaktapur, Nepal. So far, we have constructed 5 shelter homes for 5 families in 2 days with less number of our volunteers. We understand that our help is not big enough but we are appreciated by those families for making their life little comfortable. We look forward to build more of such temporary homes to the homeless people who really need us to make a difference in their lives. Thank you all for supporting us through your prayers, your donations, your physical service, your emotional support and keeping us in your thoughts. Thank you very much.